Watch for Potential Inconsistencies in Financial and Performance Metrics When Using FCCR

Financial key performance indicators (KPIs)—such as revenue, profitability, and earnings per share—dominate performance management. Our research shows that organizations consider financial KPIs at least twice as important as other types of KPIs (such as operational or customer KPIs). Those higher perceptions make ensuring proper calculation and monitoring of financial KPIs and other financial metrics a vital part of managing enterprise performance.

Organizations primarily use financial consolidation, close management, and reporting (FCCR) solutions to calculate, track, and analyze financial KPIs. They provide an accurate and auditable view of financial data and KPIs, can aggregate data from finance and other source systems, and include reporting and analytics that enable end users and managers to navigate and analyze this data. In short, FCCR solutions provide a robust and flexible environment in which to calculate, track, and analyze financial KPIs.

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