Tight Labor Markets Require Vigilance on the Size, Nature, and Value of SI Spending in 2022

Organizations often leverage systems integrators (SIs) and consultants to plan, build, run, and/or optimize their BI and analytics solutions. Engagement models include staff
augmentation, project management, integrations, establishing success benchmarks and measures, and ongoing operational support.

In 2022, a majority of organizations either use or are evaluating SIs and consultants for their BI and related projects. Usage shows a year-over-year increase of 15 percent; the largest gain comes from more use of large global SIs and consultants. This increase in use—albeit from respondents focused on BI and data-related projects—also more than doubles average annual growth in the global IT consulting services market.

The shift in 2022 away from small and specialized SIs and consultants and toward larger ones in part reflects difficult market conditions. We expect continued tight labor markets in many regions in the near term, with shortages in the number of skilled IT staff impacting demand and supply. As the 2022 data show, organizations increased their demand for these resources. Like many other firms and industries—and many of their clients—SIs and consultants continue to face significant retention issues in 2022. Increased demand and decreased supply result from the wake of “The Great Resignation,” causing unprecedented levels of continuing talent transition.

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