The Evolution of Demand for Master Data Management

The essential nature of master data management (MDM) solutions has remained fairly constant since the inception of the technology stemming from the customer data integration and product information management predecessor and adjacent markets in the early 1990s. Dedicated MDM solutions consist of a data hub that provides for mastering one or more data domains, as well as interfaces and business logic that provide for administration and use of the solution (including stewarding and governing of the data mastered).

Evolving requirements from a broader spectrum of different-sized organizations, along with differing expectations of how best to address MDM needs, combine to constrain broad market penetration for traditional MDM solutions. From its outset, the worldwide MDM solution market grew consistently at less than 10 percent per year, with many years showing growth of less than 5 percent. Adoption of cloud-capable, cloud-native, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies by MDM vendors did not demonstrably improve growth rates. The underlying assumption that MDM technology—as originally envisioned in its early stage of maturity—will scale broadly across the worldwide market is not bearing out.  New direct and indirect competitors are bringing to market solutions decidedly different from MDM heavy—and succeeding (by increasing their market penetration). You do not have permission to access this document. Make sure you are logged in and/or please contact Danielle with further questions.

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