Success With AI / ML in EPM Starts With a Solid Business Case

The biggest obstacles to technology adoption often are not technical. This is especially true for organizations considering use of artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI / ML) in enterprise performance management (EPM) software.

Our data show that the majority of EPM users either will resist adoption of AI / ML models in EPM solution due to its hard-to-explain (“black-box”) nature, or fail to see how AI / ML would improve EPM processes sufficiently to justify its deployment and use.

With these perceptions, organizations that try to deploy AI / ML in EPM without first developing and communicating a business case for it likely will fail to reach intended goals, and likely will encounter significant obstacles to its adoption and regular use.

By collaboratively creating and socializing a business case for AI / ML in EPM—long before establishing any schedule for deployment—data leaders can proactively address the skepticism and eliminate potential obstacles to future adoption and use. When the business case results from a collaborative process, the project or program generally becomes more easily accepted and implemented because key stakeholders view themselves as involved and included, rather than uninvolved and overlooked.
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