SI Use, Utilization, Importance, and Relationship to BI Success in 2022

Organizations often leverage systems integrators (SIs) and consultants to plan, build, run, and/or optimize their BI and analytics solutions. Engagement models include staff augmentation, project management, integrations, establishing success benchmarks and measures, and ongoing operational support.

Most organizations report using, evaluating, or considering use of SIs and consultants. Only 26 percent indicate no plans to use them. Despite these high usage levels for SIs and consultants, the jury remains out concerning perceptions—41 percent of respondents see SIs and consultants as critical or very important, while 37 percent consider them as only somewhat important or not important.

Many discrepancies also exist between usage levels and perceived importance of SIs and consultants. These suggest high variability in perceived value delivered by SIs and consultants. Normally, that would necessitate focusing on improving those value perceptions—largely through better management of SIs and consultants used.

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