Leverage HDMM to Improve Risk Planning and Make More Data-Driven Decisions

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is driving many organizations to rapidly re-evaluate and mitigate risk to capital, costs, and operations. Asset divestment, operational geography, supplier substitutions, and the trickle-down effect of rising energy costs are some of the many rapidly changing factors that organizations must re-evaluate and address. New geopolitical-related disruptions come on the heels of COVID-19, forcing most organizations to adjust rapidly to demand shifts, redo planning assumptions, and, in some cases, even completely revise business models. The need to leverage data and analytics and make data-driven decisions has never been higher—as are the potential costs of having inadequate perspectives.

Such changes and disruptions highlight the need for digital enterprises to be Hyper- Decisive®—the apex of innovation and perspective—by instantaneously processing vast arrays of data and information, and delivering actionable insights to a growing community of users. Dresner Advisory Services created and developed the Hyper- Decisive Maturity Model® (HDMM) as a tool for generating ideas, discussion, and making progress toward optimal decision-making. Hyper-decisiveness is measured and scored across nine capabilities, each with four levels of maturity, using a scale of one to four (see the Research Insight “Introducing the Hyper-Decisive® Maturity Model”).

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