Focus More on Managing SIs and Consultants and Less on Sourcing and Selecting Them

This is the third and final report in our 2022 series on system integrators (SIs) and consultants.

Most organizations report using, evaluating, or considering use of SIs and consultants. Usage of SIs and consultants in 2022 for business intelligence (BI) projects shows a year-over-year increase of 15 percent—more than double the average annual growth
rate in the global IT consulting services market. Nevertheless, discrepancies exist between usage levels and perceived importance of SIs and consultants, suggesting high variability in perceived value delivered by SIs and consultants (see the Research Insight “SI Use, Utilization, Importance, and Relationship to BI Success in 2022”).

The largest gain in usage comes from more work going to large global SIs and consultants. The shift in 2022 away from small and specialized SIs and consultants and toward larger ones in part reflects difficult labor-market conditions resulting from “The Great Resignation,” which continues to cause unprecedented levels of continuing talent transition and ongoing retention challenges. SI and consultant use in 2022 looks more like a flight to quality and value (see the Research Insight “Tight Labor Markets Require Vigilance on the Size, Nature, and Value of SI Spending in 2022”).

This Research Insight examines how organizations choose their SIs and consultants— analyzing sources used for finding SIs and consultants, as well as the criteria considered most important when selecting these resources. However, decisions about which sources and criteria to use when selecting SIs and consultants do not show a clear correlation with levels of BI success achieved or amount of value generated (as measured by ROI).

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