Establish Data Leaders for BI Budget Success

In 2020 and 2021, many organizations increased use of business intelligence (BI) and
analytics to help them overcome business challenges stemming from the direct and
indirect effects from COVID-19. BI budgets fared much better than overall budgets
during those years, with more than 90 percent of organizations reporting increasing or
flat BI budgets. In 2022, the number of organizations with increasing BI budgets stands
at an all-time high (55 percent), tied with the level reported in 2019 (the last full year
before COVID-19).

Organizations that consider their BI initiatives completely successful and have data
leadership more frequently report increasing BI budgets. Conversely, organizations
reducing their BI budgets most often consider their BI initiatives unsuccessful, less
frequently make data-driven decisions, report much lower levels of BI achievement, and
likely are rethinking their BI strategies.
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