Data-Driven Decision Making in 2022: Trust Your Gut, But Feed It Data

In 2022, organizations have more data, from more sources, and more tools than ever before. Our data show that better decision making comes when it is data driven. “Data driven” is not a slogan; it is a framework of many factors that you need to implement to improve your decision making.

Organizations face many challenges in BI that impact the effectiveness of data, which in turn can affect the decision to be data driven. Our data about success factors and obstacles in achieving a more data-driven decision making culture can guide you toward more BI success and higher BI budgets.

For 2022, we suggest it is okay to trust your gut, as long as your gut has ingested more data, more easily, and you and your organization become more data literate. Since data can pinpoint how and where to evolve, we believe all organizations should assess the effectiveness of their data-driven decision making capabilities and follow our blueprint toward hyper-decisive® maturity (see the Research Insight “Leverage HDMM to Improve Risk Planning and Make More Data-Driven Decisions”).

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