Cloud BI: Think Big, Think Small, Act Rationally

Our 10th annual deep dive into cloud behavior and sentiment finds enthusiasm at an alltime high, with a majority considering cloud services either critical or very important (see the 2021 Dresner Advisory Services Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Market Study). Yet, the number of organizations using cloud BI also declined year over year, and it appears that vendor enthusiasm is past the days of maximum obsession.

Any experienced observer might tell you that both observations are explicable and not contradictory. Cloud BI has reached a state of acceptance and even nonchalance in some corners. The biggest perceived benefit remains cost, and the biggest perceived barriers remain security and control. Although many tradeoffs are involved, over time, much uncertainty and consternation were removed from the decision process.

For the average organization, FOMO, or “fear of missing out,” also recedes, as reflected in the ebb and flow of adoption. In the long run, the service model is irresistible: less than 20 percent of respondents have no plans to use cloud BI in the future. Our expectation is not a radical shift to cloud BI but a steady drip-like increase during the next few years, led by new small-organization uptake and discretionary departmental spending from organizations of any size.
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