April 2022 Dresner Advisory Update on COVID-19 Impacts to Businesses, Projects, and Budgets

As the continuing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic create business planning and execution uncertainties, Dresner Advisory Services’ primary research shows that organizations increasingly see business intelligence (BI) projects based in quality data and advanced analytics as resources that will help navigate new paths to revenue and act as a hedge against continuing global economic weaknesses.

Our latest data, from survey responses compiled in the first quarter of 2022, indicate notably less but still significant and ongoing business impacts due to COVID-19, with a continuing trend toward lessening severity, especially when compared to the data from early 2020. Although sustained revenue and customer losses remain the most prevalent negative business impact, organizations experiencing it are again, as they were in 4Q21, in the minority. The majority of organizations report increasing revenue, as well as changes to products and channels. Although likely related, the data show no direct correlation between these two impacts, however. Most industries (again) report notably fewer instances of revenue losses in 1Q22.
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