What is the Future of Guided Analytics(TM) in Self-Service BI Initiatives?

The mobile “phone” is now the dominant point of connection for all online activity. It has strayed so far beyond its original purpose of transmitting voice from one person to another that in many areas—and especially in Japan—telephony now represents a minor use case for that device. In a similar way, Guided AnalyticsTM has the potential to be the design focus for a new generation of self-service business intelligence (SSBI) functionality.

In this research report, we will identify how data leaders can benefit now from this key evolving SSBI functionality. Many organizations are still learning what Guided Analytics can best enable. A future in which Guided Analytics accelerating SSBI initiatives is bright because a majority of vendors already provide Guided Analytics in their tools and platforms. From a data leader’s perspective, expanded use of Guided Analytics could be an early, inexpensive win that empowers end users to make more and higher-value, data-driven decisions.

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