The State of BI, Data, and Analytics in Healthcare in 2021

The US healthcare industry is both a cautionary tale and the source of key learnings. The industry perceives it is successful with business intelligence (BI)—relative to other industries’ self-ratings—and yet so many challenges lay ahead:

  • Increasing demand to provide life-saving data and analytics in real time
  • Creating a data-literate workforce, which requires continuous leadership and a clear business imperative
  • Establishing the right organizational and governance structures for data leaders to operate as an inherent business management capability

As part of this Research Insight, two healthcare organizations and a healthcare consultancy took time to speak to DAS about their BI experiences and overall alignment with DAS research. These interviews provide insight into the need to be more data driven and to implement a data leader that can facilitate change across functions and centralize data access. This level of change requires a shift in focus and a huge need for healthcare organizations to integrate a broader data management and governance strategy across functions. If healthcare providers do not take this step, they may not be able to get ahead in a post-pandemic world and may lag behind other healthcare organizations.

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