Sentiment Continues to Climb Among Users as BI Tools Migrate to Cloud

Dresner Advisory Services’ eighth annual Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Market Study in 2019 shows user confidence at an all-time high, with cloud offerings outnumbering traditional on-premises offerings.

Sentiment toward cloud and cloud BI turned sharply positive in 2018, with current and future user plans both trending up. Results from our 2019 Dresner Advisory Services New Year User Survey reinforced those findings with ongoing momentum. Sentiment is at an all-time high, and the majority of organizations—51 percent—use cloud BI in 2019.

Cloud-based BI vendor products and services are now more plentiful than traditional on-premises products. Still, vendors support any deployment option the customer chooses: public, private, or hybrid, at multiple levels of scale and price. Customers benefit from these choices, which reduce the chance for vendor lock-in.

Users have not settled on deployment models but are migrating toward subscription and the adoption of managed services. Our long-term data affirms growing acceptance of public (multitenant) cloud, which we expect will continue. In 2019, however, the stronger positive sentiment is toward private cloud BI deployment.

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