Small and Mid-Sized Business Enterprise Performance Management Study 2022

This SME EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) Market Study puts an emphasis on the behaviors of small to midsized organization in an attempt to help pinpoint the information your organization needs to make its own way in this ever-evolving space. Special attention has been given to not only the strategies, but also the outcomes seen from organizations of this size. The report details the most common EPM functions, EPM software market maturity, EPM adoption rates, and much more.

This year, the vast majority of respondents came finance or executive management. Although EPM adoption appears to have leveled off, the mean-importance rating for EPM among business of this size remains the same over last year. The majority of small to midsized organizations were successful at deploying EPM solutions, achieving a similar level of success to their larger counterparts. All this and more is included in a clear and straightforward format so that it may be used as a guide through current market uncertainty.

We hope our study clarifies the challenges that small and midsized organizations face with EPM and helps  weather them with less difficulty.
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