March 2024 Newsletter

Volume 1 Issue 3

March 5, 2024

Dresner Advisory March 2024 News

“The uptick in importance of data engineering reflects the heightened demand for access to analytical data as well as the increasing fragmentation of data sources and targets.”

Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer, Dresner Advisory

Here’s a look at current and upcoming activity.

Market Studies

In February we released the 2nd annual Workforce Planning and Analysis, and the 10th annual Data Engineering thematic market studies.

Analysts are currently finalizing the 2nd annual Supply Chain Planning and Analysis thematic market study, scheduled for publication mid month. We are also working on the 13th annual Cloud Computing + BI thematic market study, slated for the end of March.

Expected 2024 titles and dates are listed on the welcome page of the portal.

Research Insights

Research Insights cover a wide range of topics to inform readers of key developments in the industry. These are authored with our end user constituents in mind, to draw attention to the hot topics data leaders are facing and offer analyst recommendations.

Recent titles include:

–          It’s Time for Workforce Analytics
–          FCCR is Not a Data Island
–          Mitigate Short-Term Negative Economic Impacts and Pivot for Growth By Investing in BI and Analytics
–          Data Leaders Must Find Allies to Increase the Urgency of Data Privacy Concerns

Research Insights are shorter and more focused than market studies and make excellent reading for our vendor clients. You also can leverage your “units” to distribute Research Insights. If you have questions about usage, please let me know.

Research Portal

The portal is your one-stop shop for all Dresner Advisory research and information.

Remember, any seat holder can download and share any of our research within your organization. If you have questions on usage, need help logging on, or would like to update your organization’s seat holders, please contact me.

Smart Access to our Research Assets (S-A-R-A), our portal’s generative AI chat interface into our extensive body of research, should be generally available by month’s end.

Scheduling Analyst Time

Now is a good time to plan how you’d like to leverage your units of analyst time this year. We are happy to support your outbound efforts by speaking at your customer events, presenting with you/on your behalf at industry conferences, and participating in podcasts and other digital events.

You can also harness our analysts’ expertise with advisory sessions – we can engage on a range of topics, including competitive analyses, product strategy and roadmap, positioning and marketing messaging, go-to-market strategy, just to name a few.

The first step is to have a scoping call so we can understand your goals, objectives, timeline, and other paraments. Please contact me for scheduling.

New Year Data Collection

Data collection is going strong. The data we collect forms the basis of our 2024 Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management flagships, and all 2Q and 3Q thematic reports.

Thank you to all who have completed a vendor survey, which is the crucial first step toward being included in the research. Michelle should have sent your unique link to the end user survey, which you can share with your customers for their input. For vendors who want to be ranked in the flagship BI or flagship EPM market studies, the threshold for inclusion is 20 customers.

If you have any questions or need help with any part of data collection, please contact Michelle. We appreciate your participation!