July 2024 Newsletter


Volume 1 Issue 7

June 9, 2024

Dresner Advisory July 2024 News

“As we celebrate this milestone, we reaffirm our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of independence and objectivity in our research. Our methodologies remain inclusive and data-driven, ensuring comprehensive and unbiased insights. This approach is essential in delivering value to our clients and contributing meaningfully to the industry”

Howard Dresner, Founder and Chief Research Officer, Dresner Advisory

17 Years!

July marks the 17th anniversary of Dresner Advisory.  Over the years we have consistently focused on providing high-quality industry research and insights. This journey has been rewarding, and it would not have been possible without the support of our communities, clientele, and our dedicated team and iconic analysts.

We are proud to focus exclusively on data, analytics, and performance management as our core research topics. Our analyst team, with careers dedicated to these domains, brings valuable knowledge and expertise to every project. This focus ensures that we provide in-depth, reliable insights for our clients.

We appreciate our subscriber members who have placed their trust in our ability to provide deep insights and perspective on the industry.

Thank you for being a part of our story. Here’s to many more years of progress and innovation!


Market Reports

We published the 10th annual flagship Enterprise Performance Management Market Study. The report examines overall importance of EPM, adoption trends, implementation and sourcing strategies, planning priorities, and rolling forecasts. It covers success with EPM, sourcing preferences, cloud deployments, as well as the impact of, and use cases for, artificial intelligence. The updated industry section includes a new Value/TCO Model, offering essential insights for organizations navigating the ever-evolving market landscape.

Next up are the 2nd annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Market Study and 3rd annual Master Data Management market studies, both scheduled for publication this month.

Expected 2024 titles and dates are listed on the welcome page of the portal.

Research Insights

Research Insights cover a wide range of topics to inform readers of key developments in the industry. These are authored with our end user constituents in mind, to draw attention to the hot topics data leaders are facing and offer our analysts’ recommendations.

Recent titles include:

  • If Your Business Decision-Making Process is Not Formalized and Data Driven, You’re Just Guessing
  • Rising SI and Consultant Use on BI Projects Means Data Leaders Must Provide the Data and Analytics Guardrails
  • Data Mesh and Fabric Confusing? Data Leaders Need to Unpack Next Gen Data Architectures

Your client copies can be viewed and downloaded via the portal and are for internal use. If you would like to leverage the content externally, you may use subscription “units” to do so – contact me for details.

Mid-year Data Collection

The Mid-Year Data Collection program kicks off this month. The data we collect will form the basis of our research on Embedded BI, Analytical Data Infrastructure, Workforce Planning and Analysis, Supply Chain Planning and Analysis, Data Engineering, Generative AI, and Active Data Architecture, among other topics.

Michelle has shared the details for the upcoming vendor information sessions, where we will provide detail on the topics covered in this round of data collection and discuss actions and timelines for vendor participation.

Attending a session is the first step to being included in the research, and we look forward to connecting with you. If you have any questions about the data collection process or can’t find the registration information, please contact Michelle (michelle@dresneradvisory.com).

Happy Summer!

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and we appreciate your continued support.