January 2024 Newsletter

Happy New Year! The entire team at Dresner Advisory wishes you
good health and happiness for the coming year.

To get 2024 started, here’s a look at current and upcoming activity.

Market Studies

We’re excited about the 2024 research calendar, which has 23 major
market studies planned, including two new reports covering Active
Data Architecture and Generative AI.

Analysts currently are working on the 8th annual Analytical Data
Infrastructure flagship study, to be published in January. In this
report, we will debut a new market model measuring Value/TCO. As
with all our other models, this is completely based on customer input.

February will feature the 2nd annual Workforce Planning and
Analytics, and the 10th annual Data Engineering thematic market

A current list of expected 2024 publications and dates is listed on the welcome page of the portal.


Research Insights

Research Insights is our thought leadership series covering a wide
range of topics to inform readers of key developments in the industry. These are authored with our end user constituents in mind, to draw attention to the “blinking red lights” for data leaders, and they offer our analysts’ recommendations for how to approach these issues.

Recently released titles include:

– Who’s Really Adopting Generative AI, and Why It Matters that
Everyone Knows
– Vendor TCO is High – But Is the Problem Their Products or
Your People
– Realign the BICC to Drive Strategic Business Value
– Take a Balanced Approach to BI Budget Allocations to Deliver
Strong Results and Achieve Long Term BI Success


These are more succinct than the market studies and make excellent
reading for our vendor clients. Client copies of all Research Insights
are available via the client portal. And remember, you can leverage your “units” to distribute Research
Insights. If you have questions about usage, please let me know.


GenAI for the Portal

I am pleased to announce Smart Access to our Research Assets, or
S-A-R-A, our new generative AI chat interface into our extensive body
of research on the portal. We are currently in beta, which we plan to
offer to a limited group of subscribers. If you are interested in being a
beta tester, please let me or Howard know. We will of course
announce when the S-A-R-A is fully launched to all.


If you need help accessing the portal – or want to update who in your
organizations has access, drop me an email and I’ll get things sorted.


2024 New Year Data Collection

This month we kick off the New Year data collection process, which
will inform our Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance
Management flagships and all 2Q and 3Q thematic reports.

We are holding vendor information sessions on a couple of
dates and times later this month to dive into the specifics of topics
covered in this program, and actions/deadlines for vendors. The
session should last approximately 30 minutes.

Michelle manages the entire research process, so if you have
questions about data collection, or can’t find the details to register for a vendor info session, please contact her directly.