February 2024 Newsletter

Volume 1 Issue 2
February 9, 2024
Dresner Advisory

February 2024 News
“While generative AI adoption remains nascent in the near term, a strong majority of respondents indicate intentions to adopt it early or in the future.”

Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer, Dresner Advisory

Here’s a look at current and upcoming activity.

Market Studies
In January we published the 8th annual Analytical Data Infrastructure flagship study, which included a new market model measuring Value/TCO. We also unveiled our inaugural Generative AI Report. According to the report, generative AI shows considerable relevance, importance and interest
and is followed at least regularly by 72 percent of survey respondents. Analysts are currently finalizing the 2nd annual Workforce Planning and Analytics, and the 10th annual Data Engineering thematic market studies, both scheduled for publication this month. A current list of expected 2024 publications and dates is on the welcome page of the portal.

Research Insights
Research Insights is our thought leadership series covering a wide range of topics to inform readers of key developments in the industry. These are authored with our end user constituents in mind, to draw attention to the hot topics data leaders are facing and offer analyst recommendations.

Recent titles include:
– Data Leaders Must Find Allies to Increase the Urgency of Data Privacy Concerns
– Data and Analytics Investment Grows, But Data Leaders Must Raise the Bar for Business Value
– Evolve from Data Governance to Business Focused Governance
– BICC Skills Gaps: As Critical as Process, Decision-Making, or Technical Issues
– Who’s Really Adopting Generative AI, and Why It Matters that Everyone Knows

Research Insights are shorter and more focused than market studies and make excellent reading for our vendor clients. Remember you can leverage your “units” to distribute Research Insights. If you have questions about usage, please let me know.

Check Ins
If we haven’t connected recently, let’s work to schedule a check in call to discuss how you’d like to use your units of analyst time. I would be happy to brainstorm on how we can continue to support you in the coming months, whether through advisory, digital events, or other engagements. If you need help accessing the portal or want to update who in your organizations has access, drop me an email and I’ll get things sorted.

Welcome John Hagerty!
I am pleased to announce that John Hagerty has joined our team as a Distinguished Analyst. John has an extensive background in the domains we cover, including EPM, BI, supply chain, and workforce. During his career he served as an analyst at AMR and Gartner and worked at IBM and Oracle. In addition to contributing to the research, John will be supporting clients through briefings, advisories, and other activities.

New Year Data Collection
Data collection is in full swing. Thank you to all who attended the vendor information session last month. If you couldn’t make it, Michelle can send you the link to the brief recording and the accompanying slides. The data we collect forms the basis of our 2024 Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management flagships, and all 2Q and 3Q thematic reports. It is crucial that you complete a vendor survey, as that is the first step toward being included in the vendor ratings in these reports.

If you have questions about data collection, please contact Michelle directly and she will help you out. We appreciate your participation!