April 2024 Newsletter


Volume 1 Issue 4

April 9, 2024

Dresner Advisory April 2024 News

“We started tracking the Cloud BI market dynamic in 2012 when adoption was nascent and with few organizations willing to invest. We have 13 years of data on user sentiment and behaviors– something no other analyst organization can say!”

Howard Dresner, founder and chief
research officer, Dresner Advisory

Here’s a look at current and upcoming activity.

Market Studies

We released the 2nd annual Supply Chain Planning and Analysis, and the 13th annual Cloud Computing + BI thematic market studies in March.

Our inaugural Active Data Architecture™ report is scheduled for publication mid month. Active Data Architecture supports a platform-independent layer that sits between physical data stores and points of data consumption. It is comprised of various data management capabilities including virtualized and distributed data access, data governance, and security.

At the end of April we will release the 9th Self-Service and 4th Guided Analytics thematic market study.

Expected 2024 titles and dates are listed on the welcome page of the portal.

Research Insights

Research Insights cover a wide range of topics to inform readers of key developments in the industry. These are authored with our end user constituents in mind, to draw attention to the hot topics data leaders are facing and offer our analysts’ recommendations.

Recent titles include:
– Criticality of MDM to Data Leadership
– 5th Annual Business Intelligence Value Index®: Focus on Revenue to Deliver More Business Value From BI
– Data Catalogs Are Critical to Enabling More Data-Driven Decisions
– It’s Time for Workforce Analytics

Research Insights are shorter and more focused than market studies and make excellent reading for our vendor clients. You also can leverage your “units” to distribute Research Insights. Please contact me if you have
questions about usage.


Generative AI Interface to Research Portal

Smart Access to our Research Assets (S-A-R-A, for short), our portal’s generative AI chat interface, is now available.

S-A-R-A provides a Gen AI connection into our vast research findings within our Market Studies and Research Insights.

When you log into the portal you’ll see a top line menu for S-A-R-A. It is in late beta, so if you encounter any issues, please let us know.

Remember, any seat holder can download and share any of our research within your organization. If you have questions on usage, need help logging on, or would like to update your organization’s seat holders, please contact me.

New Year Data Collection

We are winding up end user data collection and appreciate your outreach efforts during this New Year program.

If you are still working to collect customer input, please remember to encourage your customers to rate you in the appropriate section(s) of the end-user survey.

If you have questions about the process, please reach out directly to Michelle and she will be happy to assist you.