June 2024 Newsletter


Volume 1 Issue 6

June 18, 2024

Dresner Advisory June 2024 News

“Realizing the promise of becoming a data-driven organization with a corresponding mitigation of risk will require establishing a holistic formal governance program, executed at the enterprise level, and enabling technology that spans organizational data, analytic content, and ML / AI assets” Howard Dresner, founder and chief
research officer, Dresner Advisory
Here’s a look at current and upcoming activity.

Market Studies

In May we published the 15th annual flagship Business Intelligence Market Study. This edition includes in-depth sections on key topics such as automation goals and targets, user penetration, and objectives and achievements, among others. It has an updated industry section that includes a new Value/TCO Model, offering essential insights for organizations navigating the ever-evolving market landscape. As the 15th edition, it provides an unparalleled historical view of the market, reflecting on trends and changes over more than a decade.

We issued the 2024 Data and Analytics Governance Market Study in June. Data and analytics governance provides formal oversight of data and analytic content management and its usage across the enterprise and beyond. The report analyzes end user behaviors and intentions around the relative importance of governance in technologies and initiatives, the difficulty in finding data and analytic content, and organization and practices related to data and analytic governance.

We also published a companion report covering Data Catalogs. The importance of a data catalog stems from its ability to enhance data discovery, enable data governance and compliance, foster collaboration, support data integration and analytics, and facilitate data-driven decision making.

Expected 2024 titles and dates are listed on the welcome page of the portal.


Research Insights

Research Insights cover a wide range of topics to inform readers of key developments in the industry. These are authored with our end user
constituents in mind, to draw attention to the hot topics data leaders are facing and offer our analysts’ recommendations.

Recent titles include:

  • Rising SI and Consultant Use on BI Projects Means Data Leaders
    Must Provide the Data and Analytics Guardrails
  • Data Mesh and Fabric Confusing? Data Leaders Need to Unpack
    Next Gen Data Architectures
  • Generative AI Smoke Is Clearing; Data Leaders Need a Game Plan
  • Why Data Leaders Need to Care about Active Data Architecture

Your client copies can be viewed and downloaded via the portal and are for
internal use. If you would like to leverage the content externally, you may use subscription “units” to do so – contact me for details.

Advisory Time

As a reminder, we can support you in a wide range of topics and activities, from speaking at your events, to participating in your webinars and podcasts, to providing strategic and tactical advice via advisory sessions.

Areas where we can provide input include but are not limited to corporate strategy, product roadmap, competitors, positioning, messaging, marketing and sales strategy and execution, and deep dives into the research findings.

Please let me know how we can help, or if you’d like a call to brainstorm ideas.

Midyear Data Collection

The mid-year data collection program will begin in July. Watch for an email from Michelle with details on the upcoming vendor information sessions, when you’ll learn about the process, topics covered, and the timeline.

We appreciate your continued support!