Sept 2023 Newsletter

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer! Here is a recap of recent activity at Dresner Advisory.

Market Studies

We published the inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance Reporting and the 2nd annual Master Data Management reports in July. In August, we released our 2nd edition Model Ops report, and the 9th annual AI, DS, and ML report will be published this week.

September is SME month, where we will issue both the Small and Mid-Sized Enterprise Business Intelligence and Performance Management reports. We are excited to announce our new Data Governance Market Study, also scheduled for September publication.

A current list of 2023 market study titles and projected publication dates is on the portal welcome page.

Research Insights

Recently released titles include:

  • Prepare for an Unwelcome Surprise As ESG Reporting Becomes More Likely
  • Data Latency Isn’t a Silver Bullet, But it Might Lead You to One
  • Data Leaders That Mind the (OA) Gap Will Improve BI Success
  • Data Literacy Needs to Be Reimagined
  • Success Trumps Value When Making Key Decisions About SIs and Consultants
  • Why Is Data Storytelling Not Working

Future Research Insights will cover Workforce Planning, and Cloud BI.

Your client copies of Research Insights can be viewed and downloaded via the portal and are for internal use. If you would like to leverage the content externally, you may use some of your subscription “units” to do so – contact me for details.

Mid-Year Data Collection

Mid-Year Data Collection is in full swing! The data we collect supports the 4Q23 and 1Q24 market studies, including Embedded BI, Analytical Data Infrastructure, Workforce Planning and Analysis, Supply Chain Planning and Analysis, and Data Engineering. We are also pleased to announce two new titles for 2024: Generative AI, and Active Data Architecture™, both of which also will be supported by this data collection program.

If you’ve completed your vendor survey, you should have received an email from Michelle with a dedicated link to the end user survey. Please distribute to your customers and encourage their participation – we recommend broad and direct distribution methods such as an email campaign. If you are an ADI vendor, please remind your customers to rate you in that section of the survey.

If you have questions or need help with your vendor survey or your customer outreach, please email Michelle.

We appreciate your ongoing support!
Best regards,