Nov 2023 Newsletter

Here is a summary of recent activity at Dresner Advisory. 

Data Collection 

We are wrapping up the mid year data collection process and sincerely appreciate your participation and efforts to drive in customer responses.  

The mid-year program informs our 2023 Embedded BI thematic report and early 2024 titles including Analytical Data Infrastructure (flagship), Data Engineering, Workforce Planning and Analysis, and Supply Chain Planning and Analysis, as well as two new titles: Active Data Architecture, and Generative AI thematic reports.  

While we have reached the official deadline, if you need extra time to reach out to your customers or have questions on the process, please contact Michelle.  

Market Studies 

We published the 3rd Financial Consolidation and Close Management, and 6th Sales Performance Management Market Studies in October. Next up is the 3rd edition Analytical Platforms thematic market study, slated for publication this month. We will round out the 2023 market studies agenda with our 11th annual Embedded BI Market Study in December.  

A current list of 2023 market study titles and projected publication dates is on the portal welcome page. 

Research Insights 

Recently released titles include: 

For Maximum Business Value, Data Leaders Should Optimize, Rather than Eradicate, Spreadsheet Use 

Focusing on the Right Hyper-Decisive Capabilities Can Help Boost BI Budgets 

Taking an Enterprise View Can Optimize Analytics Spending and Increase BI Budgets 

Expect Continuing But Waning Impacts Due to the Challenges Imposed by External Forces 

Change, Uncertainty, and Maybe a Renaissance: Like Barbie, Cloud Computing is Everything 

Future Research Insights will cover self-service BI and guided analytics, BI TCO, and BI budgets.  

Your client copies of Research Insights can be viewed and downloaded via the portal. While these are intended for internal use, if you would like to use your units to distribute the content externally, please contact me for details.  

Introducing Jeff Lynn 

I am excited to introduce Jeff Lynn, our new vice president of client development. Jeff brings extensive experience in building valued client relationships, driving growth, and providing strategic support to our team and will be responsible for increasing our engagement with the broader community. I continue to be your primary contact ensuring that you leverage our analyst expertise and user-based research.  

2024 Planning 

It’s been a pleasure to speak with so many of you to share our plans for 2024. If we’ve not been able to connect to discuss next year’s agenda and programs, please let me know some available dates/times. 

We thank you for your continued support! 

Best regards,