Jan 2022 Newsletter

January 14, 2022

Happy New Year! Here’s a look at recent events and activity here at Dresner Advisory.

Market Studies

We’re excited about this year’s research calendar and currently have 17 major market studies planned for 2022.

Currently the analysts are working on the flagship Analytical Data Infrastructure Market Study scheduled to be published at the end of the month. A current list of 2022 publications and dates is on the welcome page of the portal.

Your client copies of all Market Studies can be downloaded via the client portal. As a reminder, you may share reports within your organization e.g., distribute it via email or host on your own internal portal. If you have questions about usage and distribution, please let me know.

Research Insights

Research Insights is our thought leadership series covering a wide array of topics to help keep you abreast of key developments in the industry.

Here are some titles that have recently been released:

  • Data Leaders Must Face the Challenges of Fragmentation in Analytic Data Infrastructure
  • Update on COVID19 Impacts to Businesses, Projects, and Budgets
  • Consider BI and Analytics From ERP Vendors for the Right Use Cases

Future Research Insights will cover FCCR, Cloud Computing and BI, the BI Competency Center, and Data Science. If you have elected to include these in your subscription, you will see the full list of completed Research Insights posted on the portal and you can download and leverage them within your organization.

As a reminder, the portal includes a feature to allow readers (vendors and users) to rate Market Studies and Research Insights using 1-5 stars and also allows you to enter a comment. Please take a look and rate your favorite research!

New Year Data Collection

This month we kickoff the 2022 New Year data collection process, which will inform our Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management flagship market studies, as well as all the 2Q and 3Q thematic reports. We are holding two vendor information sessions later this month to dive into the specifics of topics covered in this program as well as actions and deadlines for vendors.

The session should last approximately 30 minutes. If you have not received registration information or have questions, please contact Michelle for more details.

Best regards,